15 Content Ideas for Your Printing Blog
15 Content Ideas for Your Printing Blog

15 Content Ideas for Your Printing Blog

15 Content Ideas for Your Printing Blog

15 Content Ideas for Your Printing Blog – Starting a blog can be intimidating. Finding the time to sit and write can seem impossible. And when you finally DO have the time, you’re often left scratching your head wondering what to even talk about. Is it even worth the frustration?

Well – in short – ABSOLUTELY. By strategically writing about things that are beneficial to your target audience, you’re able to drive search and social traffic to your website. You’re able to warm those leads up. Which, if you ask me, beats cold calling Jane Doe who has 30 identical calls coming her way, and no desire to talk to a single one of them.

And with more and more buyers heading to Google to conduct searches to identify potential partners, having a regularly-updated blog on your site can help boost your search rankings and nurture relationships before you’ve even had a chance to speak with your visitor.

So where do you begin when you don’t have a clue where to start? When I get stuck on a topic, I conduct a little keyword research and just start listing some of the first things that come to mind. They’re not meant to serve as the headline; instead, I use them as springboard for beginning a new post.

15 Idea Starters to Get Your Rolling

Why you want to segment your mailings and emails
How marketing automation will change your life
The latest in Neuromarketing
USPS promotional discounts spotlight
The value of split testing marketing messages
Prepress woes – address a common file issue & how to resolve/save money
Driving brand loyalty through the mailbox
Choosing the right paper for your print project
Design considerations for [insert product] (i.e. packaging, folding, etc.)
[Number] reasons you should cleanse your data
How-to prepare your files for [insert process] (i.e. embossing, foil, etc.)
[Number] Ways to stand-out at your next tradeshow or conference
Crossing the print + digital divide
[Number] Ways to speed up your next print project
How-to tackle your first personalized direct marketing campaign

Now it’s your turn!

Whip out a notebook and spend some time thinking about the conversations you’re having with current clients. What topics can you generate from those?


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